Japan 2020 : DAY 2 - Fukuoka // Wait - a castle? A real castle?!

By iameunicegm - 5:46 AM

 I'm debating with myself if I should continue to write another blog post. Hmm - let's try. 

Outdoor Fun!

We woke up fresh from our sleep, took a chug of 1000g of Vitamin C, bucked up with face mask and head out to the cold air, searching for food. We ended up walking around and stop at small stalls to buy snacks instead of eating in a shop. I wanna tell you that the taiyaki you eat in Malaysia? Buddy, it's not the same. It just feels different when you are standing out in the cold air, holding a piece of sweet waffle with fresh red bean paste in it! Mmmm! Mmmm! 

I will return for you, fishy!

We walked around, had more snacks, ate Onigiri from 7-Eleven and continue our journey to Fukuoka Castle Ruins. It's 8 minutes walk from Akasaka Station but we decided to walk instead from our AirBnB. Unfortunately, the place was close but we did managed to take some good shots around the compound. 

Fukuoka Castle has many of its stones still in place. Walking around that place, touching stones, it felt, serene. That place has seen some history and I am sure, it was much beautiful than what it is today. We saw some tourists who came by in Kimono to take some pictures which was lovely. I wonder, if there are any spirits around, I wonder what they were thinking then huh. :)

Look at that blue sky and the perfect white clouds!

It was close to Sakura season hence, everything was pink! 
This was in Ohari Park. 

I don't remember the name of this temple but it has HUGE gates! 

I think we spend quite some time here since the view was amazing and we had to walk quite a hill. It got a little warm once you start walking around but it was still cool enough for you to enjoy the weather. 

YMK doing something weird (I think we edged him on)

Lunch time finally came and we head over to Tenjin Wappa Teishokudo. where they served set meals. It is quite a huge portion, with soup, side dishes, and the main dish. I think a meal like this cost us around RM36 but it was worth it given that the portion was huge. We even got the chance to make our own sesame sauce, which is kinda fun cause it was my first time learning that hey, sesame sauce is made like this laa! 

Hendriq making his own sesame sauce

We decided to head over to Fukuoka Tower which is quite far but it was a promising sunset but unfortunately, because of Covid, no no. We did hang around there, took in the view, went to the beach (It was freaking cold) and walk a long way for food. It was just a day to chill I supposed since the places that we wanted to visit was closed. 

Fukuoka Tower

A cute shop

After walking for quite a distance, we entered this place for food where the owner did not want to entertain us at first. After some time, he found out that we were from Malaysia and he started to open up to us. It was interesting and I'm not gonna dive too much but it was an eye opener on how we Asians treat other Asians.

End of Day Two

Day two was kinda disappointing day since we did not managed to visit the places that we intended too but it was also a day where we get to randomly walk around and figure things out as it comes. It was then time to pack up our bags and head off to another city. 

Keep an eye out for Day Three where we spend half of the day roaming around Dazaifu, another small city in Fukuoka. 

Time now : 5:44AM. 

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  1. Omgg how much i miss the taste of taiyaki !!!!!

  2. the fish looks like mykori! ahaha.. but its taste so good!

    1. Yess! But eating that from the side stand in Japan taste so much better! Or maybe it's just the vibes Hahah!


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