#NoBuy : February Update

By iameunicegm - 8:23 PM

Welp, February is an epic fail for me. I gave in to my desires and bought a couple of things which does made me happy but I am aware that I should not be doing this. 

First of all, let me break down my February spending into an ugly pie chat that I hate. 

Analysis of Spending

As you can see, 65% of my money went to bills which is WAYYY TO HIGH! I need to cut out things ASAP! I have cut down on electricity usage so should be seeing a decline on this soon and braces commitment will end soon so yea, should be slightly lower in 2 more months I guess. 

The second highest for this month is entertainment which I spend quite a big sum on Starbucks and also I got myself a tattoo and a keyboard. There is also a postcard that I bought which eventually made this month #nobuy challenge a failure. I gave in to my desires and got myself things that I thought would make me happy. Did it make me happy? Of course! I'm playing keyboard now each day and my tattoo is looking good! (Will post soon on this when I officially share it on IG)

The same percentage but slightly lower was my kids and I do know I spend too much on them at times but then, I believe food will aid in their lifespan so yeah - this is something that I would have to stick to. I found an online shop to buy at a cheaper price though so maybe upcoming month may be a little low if I don't buy anything extra? 

Third place is eating out and yes, I spend a lot on delivery food since it is so convenient and I hate cooking! Tryna amend this though and I think I have improved this month. I'm trying to make myself cook more and simpler dishes such as porridge, maggi or even wraps. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

I did spend a little more on gifts this month as there were some birthday and some charity going on. No comment on those since those are not part of my deal anyway. 

As for Car, I have been taking Grab a lot and yes, I stop driving cause of 2 reasons, the car won't start cause it has been sitting alone for 2 months now and the road tax has expired so meh. Besides, I am not ready to drive with a manual shift for now. Let me rest a little more on this feet of mine. 


Overall, I failed #NoBuy Challenge for the month of February. I bought a couple of things which, yes, does brought me joy but, I shouldn't have. I became more aware of what I'm buying though as when I walk through Mr.DIY, I don't randomly take things and make the payment since I question myself first before buying. I downloaded Shien and almost make a purchase but ended up stopping myself hence I believe, this NoBuy challenge do help in some ways. 

Now, any tips to save money or to earn more? 


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  1. girls will always be girls ! cant say no to shopping :)


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