Goodbye & Hello : Feb 2021

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Hello People! 

Time flew by somehow in February. It felt a little too short! Or is it just me? I have been working from home for a year now and boy, how I miss office lifestyle! There are pros and cons to staying at home I supposed but definitely missing the people more than the place. 

Half of the month started off strong with me doing less things compared to last month. I was told by my doctor that my healing of my foot was a little slow and I have to keep an eye on it. I did however manage to drive an auto car so that was fun given that it has been a whole full 2 months of not driving at all. CNY came and go with nothing going on. No angpows, no cookies. Just me, myself and I. 

Given that MCO was still in town, did not manage to hang out much but I did managed to catch a lunch and dinner with fellow girlfriends on 2 different occasions. Do you miss eating outside? Cause I do! I don't know how people in UK don't go out and eat! It's such a fun thing to do given all the choices of food that you can find in Malaysia! You got to admit, having food delivered to your house does not pass the vibe check since the food comes either too try or too cold. 

I ended the month of February with a sweet memory - a tattoo. I got myself a Poppy flower which means sleep, peace, or eternal death. Of course, there are other meanings to it but those are the reasons why I decided to get this flower. I'm waiting for it to heal as it is now starting to scab over so once it's completely heal, will post a nice picture on it but here you go, a fresh out of the oven tattoo, a few minutes after it was completed. 

foresight of Mar 2021

Work has started to pick up again and there would be more meetings and training sessions going on so I got to buckle up and prepare for the crazy schedule again! Vaccine is also in Malaysia now so I am sooo READY to be call upon to get my first dose of vaccine although I think that may only come to my turn in May or June, or even end of the year. 

The contract of this current house is coming to an end in June so I would need to start organizing, selling things off and resize my things to fit into a smaller unit. I just hope my heart can be strong enough. I tend to be a hoarder of weird items and that needs to go gurl! I hope I managed to sell of a huge chunk of furniture and things before I make the move though or else it's gonna be my sorry ass, carrying most of the things. 

The goal for this month would be to cook more, care more for my face and learn a new recipe. Let's see how things goes! 

Now, what are you looking forward to the most in the month of March? 


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  1. that tattoo is so pretty! omgggg ! love it

    1. Thanks to the artist! she was so gentle and amazing at her work!


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