Goodbye & Hello : Mar 2021

By iameunicegm - 10:55 PM


 Another month has gone by and just like that, we are in the second quarter of the year 2021.

I set myself a couple of goals and habits that I would like to achieve and I think I did manage to reach what I would like this month. I set myself up to cook more, take care of my face more and try to learn a new recipe and in my Bujo, I added plan a date for myself and play more keyboard. 

I did all of that and I was even amaze by my own cooking skills even though I don't get what the heck I am doing most of the time. I brought myself out for a date and it was fun, spending half of the day in queues, doing and eating the things that I like. 

There was a week where I was in the slump and could not even bother to shower nor to wash the dishes. During those few days, I ate little, ate cereal for dinner and bread for lunch and that is all about it. I got over it after a few days but boy - I really allowed myself to suffer and lo and behold the pimples starts to come by. 

The month of March ended pretty well I would say even though there was a slump period. I gave myself self love, although not 100% but I did better than last month and I hope I can do better for myself too. It's a struggle but it's going to be me who can only care for myself aye? 

foresight of April 2021

Birthdays! Birthdays! Birthdays! Yup - my calendar is filled with 5 birthdays! I got to remember to buy gifts or else I may just run out of time! If you know any good sales, please let me know so that I can consider it or else, it would be my typical flowers. 

My leg is recovering and though it is not as strong in balancing but I am able to walk in a better shape these days so I would love to hit back to the gym. It's been quite some time and I miss the sweaty body and the feeling of empowerment. 

And I also want to paint more. It's been such joy to be able to create simple paintings with acrylic paint and I would like to try to do more of that this month. Of course, I am not gonna let go of cooking as I feel it is something essential to being an adult so I am going to keep learning new recipes. 

Oh, I am also taking on a small project for the upcoming 30 days, focusing on decluttering the house. I managed to sell some items in March but I got to work harder this month. The contract dateline is almost time! 

Now, what are your goals and intention for the upcoming month? 


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  1. Yeayyy! I love shopping for birthday gifts! 😊

    1. yass! but my bank account aren't that happy hahaha!

  2. Its april already. Hope your doin fine

    1. aww, thank you so much for your concern! i'm doing alright! sending love your way! <3!


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